Origin of Mermen

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Julian Lord wrote:

> A second Age of Water exists, when the mortal merman races appeared, but this would be classified as the Green Age by the average God Learner (but not by the mermen races themselves).

I disagree... The Green Age saw the immortal niiad race and mortal as well as immortal offspring of Tholaina.

There are a few families of mermen - cetoi and piscoi, and the more distantly related zabdamar, all claim descent from sea immortals and storm immortals. One might want to add the Waertagi, or - if one takes the "Wareran" type of humanity to some unreasonable extreme - all Malkioni or even all Genertelans west of the Shan Shan as descendants of niiads.

The origins of cetoi and piscoi merfolk are tied to the Vadrudi and their early Storm Age/late Golden Age rampages. Kahar, the storm ancestor of the Zabdamar, is a similar character. The at least attempted rape of the niiads makes this episode definitely non-Green Age.

The origin of the Waertagi might date back to (almost) the Green Age.

> (I have no idea if the mermen would see that as a single Age or two, by the way)

Common mermen are more recent than most human races. The niiads don't really embody the man rune before the rapes. There may have been other offspring of the tritons - again, the Waertagi come to mind. I have seen the argument that Waertag has a double role as a Malkioni founder and a triton.            

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