Re: Origin of Mermen

From: hcarteau_at_QKYveoTRf9Vbv4n3-BPOkNz_qy8Z8E0VRWOhLDKIk1WmQAL-ZpYtE4XiJH87fAINn8l
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 08:37:16 +0200 (CEST)

AFAIK... The cetoi were born out of Love between Storm Gods and Niiads/Water Goddesses. The Piscoi were born of, hrm, physical coercition of the latter by the former (Worcha Rage, Trembling Shore and all that). Which is why it's easier to deal with ludoch and ouori (cetoi) for humans than with malasps, yssabaus and the like (piscoi).

Waertag is a son of Malkion (himself the Son of Aerlit, a storm god, and Warera, a Niiad) and a "Sea Princess", which shows Malkion had an open mind. I'm pretty sure waertagi look like deep ones when they get older, and do not classify them as "humans" in my Glorantha, not any more than their brithini pals.

What I try to keep in mind is that mermen are no better than humans and feud, fight and pillage each other, not only between races (ludoch vs malasp in the Marthino sea), but among the same race : ludoch clans / schools feud with each other, plunder their fishy herds, etc.              

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