Re: Watchdog of Feroda

From: Jeff <richaje_at_9Wm2k1wdJHiECbBOn_SFI1qAN9VrBagjk8wtfog-oZqZtVO4zyV6BCB6R4CgyaYrhJuu>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2012 16:51:44 -0000

> > Peter, you've never seen the Columbia River Gorge at sunset. As I recall,
> > that was used to describe what the Zola Fel region looked like. I've seen
> > a lot of earthly rivers and none compare to that vista. But if great,
> > means big, long or populated, well, YGMV
> >
> Although the comparison with the Columbia may have been made, it was not
> made by me.

Nor by me. The Columbia is a HUGE river that travels through some arid regions but also through some of the most fertile farmland on earth.

> The Zola Fel does not in any way compare to the Columbia
> not in length
> not in quantity
> not in population
> not in orientation towards sunset
> not in navigablity

Agree fully.


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