Sights and Sites and Points of Interests of Glorantha

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Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2012 11:00:06 +0200

The recent discussion about the River of Cradles or pointing to pictures of the Cradle and the Watchdog remind me about something I wanted to do since long...

I like to have and give my players a visual impression of things. Even just showing what the land they travel looks like adds to the atmosphere. Many things can be done by finding appropriate examples in RW, which suffices to have a clue or the big pictures. (I know of a web page where Greg describes places and points to pictures in a well known book, but copyright prevents from showing directly. And since redirects, I cannot find that page anymore.) Other places are more difficult (Kero Fin, The Block, Dragons Eye, the Red Moon in the distance), and some - so it seems to me at last - are even shunned by artists. I like the "Sights of Dragon Pass" pictures in Wyrm's Footnotes, even though they are simple sketches. I love pictures too, that show everyday scenes, like (only one example) "life in a stead". I have seen nice ones made by Darran Sims and John Hughes, if I remember correctly. But everything is scattered over the web and many different books.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a PICTURE ATLAS of Glorantha?! So this is a CALL FOR PICTURES. We have some fine artists in this group. I volunteer to offer the distribution technique needed (I suggest a web site), but I am helpless in arts. if you send anything directly to my mail (this list - reasonably - does not allow attachments). But by doing so, you must declare the picture is either public domain, or you are the copyright holder and allow publication in the web. Send your pictures - sketches, RW photos, computer art.... - with your bloomy description, tags, keywords, proper credits...

For now - as an actual "distress" - I look for illustrations of The Block, far and close.


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