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jorganos :  

> --- "Chris Lemens" <chrislemens_at_> wrote:
> > My vision of the lower Zola Fel in summer is like many rivers in the southwestern United States. They have fairly heavy flows from the time the snow in the mountains melt (if they drain mountains) and during the spring rains, but then sink down. Most of the actual water flow is undergroud, or moving from one fairly stagnant, stinking pool to another. It's better than having to dig a well, but it's not what people normally think of when they say "river."
> I don't quite buy that for ordinary years. The Zola Fel has a fisherfolk population and intelligent fish, so there must be some means for both the fish population and the fish to survive even the worst dry spells.

DITTO !!! What Chris is describing is appropriate for the Wastelands, not Prax, certainly not the River of Cradles.

The waters of the Zola Fel are in fact provided by natural, mythic, Water god/spirit, and Underworld god/spirit means.

The French Multisim Zola Fel supplement, notwithstanding they never paid any of us for the work and went bankrupt instead, explores the mythic origins of the ZF waters, via a magical/chaotic crisis in the deeper Hero Plane water supply.

> The Zola Fel may suffer evaporation, but it is still fed by the runoff of the snow covered peaks of the Eastern Rockwoods that sustain a Redwood forest above the Leaping Falls. The bogs help retaining huge amounts of water, slowly yielding it when it gets colder in the Rockwoods and the melt-off drops.

All very well, but in fact the waters of Zola Fel are ultimately provided by various sources of River Magic.  

> IMO a Zola Fel subject to annual phases of non-flow would be a much weaker great spirit than the one we know. His magic is that of defying the dry spells that hit the rest of Prax - he may be weakened, but he doesn't die.

Is ZF "he" again ? Yay !! Victory !!! :p            

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