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> Hello everybody
> As it seems in king of dragon pass that Argrath (or one of) will use some draconic powers and some EAW revivals to fight the empire, I have tryed to understand what could be the reaction of the empire
> Do the lunar will be horrified by these practices ?

There are a few things to bear in mind about this

• At the consecration of the Temple of the Reaching Moon, a lot of senior Lunars get eaten by a dragon. As this was meant to be a momentous moment of glory for the empire, a large number of people are going to be shocked and then concerned as to what will happen next. • Dragon Pass, is not so far away. Everyone knows that dragons came and ate everyone there. • It's good military tactics not to let your enemy know what you are going to do. When Argrath unleashes Dragon powers, the opposing armies should be surprised. The difference being allied with Dragons and using their powers actively. • Time scale, between the first dragon act against the empire, Dragonrise (1625) and the Fall of the Moon (1680), is about 55 years, that's a couple of generations.

Some in the empire will start to look at the implications of dragon magic and defences against it. But I feel that the empire has gone far down it's own path, Lunar illumination and Draconic illumination are different paths, perhaps mutually exclusive and so a blind spot. 55 years is not enough time to change and there's a civil war going on.

So depending who you are in the empire and when, will provoke different reactions.

The general populace; aaarg we are all going to die, eaten by dragons. The authorities; you are well protect by our armies and the goddess. The army at home; phew I'm glad we ain't going near that mess, there be dragons. The frontline army; aaarg, we are going to be eaten by dragons, run. Scholarly magical types; Hmm, dragons, we must investigate, break out the forbidden dragon scrolls. The White Moonies: You see, the empire is corrupt, the dragons side against us.

> More generally, I am trying to understand what are the relationship between the Goddess and the dragons…

I'm not sure there is one, hence Argrath's advantage.


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