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The Lunars are expert heroquesters, which they often refer to as " travel and journey". The Lunars do use old myths, and follow paths established by their gods and heroes. However the goal of Lunar hero questing can be different - while the Lunars are at least as capable as others of heroquesting with a specific pragmatic goal in mind ( such as gain a power, destroy an enemy, etc), their underlying spiritual goal is mystical insight.

So an Orlanthi ( for example) is likely to repeat the path a previous hero took in order to gain the same powers and rewards. A Lunar heroquesters might repeat the path a previous hero took in order to gain similar spiritual insights. The Lunars, as a result, tend to find the rewards a little more personalized and perhaps the paths they follow a more individual experience. These are generalisations, though - it might be different for an individual Lunar or Orlanthi.

A big difference between the Lunar approach and a more traditional approach is that the Lunars are more aware of what they don't know, and approach heroquest looking to discover new insights from time to time. Traditionalists are more likely to want to reaffirm what they do know. This is a difference in attitude, not necessarily mechanics or practicalities.

The Valare Addi heroquest path in the Entekosiad suggests what many Lunar heroquests are like. Many more traditional heroquesters might recognize the techniques, and understand the path, but not really understand why you would want to undertake the quest ithe first place.



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> After reading the rules for the lunar magic (7 mothers), One question came in mind : How do the lunar make heroquest ? I understand that their deities are "linked" to older deities, but does it means that the lunar used "old" myths, the same as others people ?
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