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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 16:15:07 +0100 (BST)

Is anyone able to suggest how this take on Lunar magic might be simulated in terms of RQ mechanics? I for one would be fascinated to know  
Richard Hayes

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On 13 Jun 2012, at 04:14, Trezaae <> wrote:
> After reading the rules for the lunar magic (7 mothers), One question came in mind : How do the lunar make heroquest ?

One of the important things to note about them is that they have access to 4 different ways of magic and they mostly have no gods, only mortals who have followed in their goddess's path and become immortals.

Initially depending on their phase and thus magical affiliation, they will HeroQuest much like others do. Theistic quests, spirit world quests and quests through the realms of powers. I imagine that at big ceremonies, everyone gets to go to the moon as well. Most will be happy with that.

If they take the lunar path further and gain other phases, they can begin to merge the other magical quests into their own. This will give them more tools to deal with things on the quest. Other beings will be drawn into their quests; spirits in theistic quest, powers into spirit quests, gods into quests of wizardly logic and more.

Combine that with becoming Sevened and you end up with very powerful individuals able to function in many different magical ways. Once they master all the phases, they are truly on their way to immortality. I think this is part of the Lunar magic secret, they can start to develop new ways of working, and these ways can be different from each other.

> I understand that their deities are "linked" to older deities, but does it means that the lunar used "old" myths, the same as others people ?

Yes, where they are relevant and the stories are known.


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