Re: Lunar heroquesting

From: Trezaae <lokamayadon_at_TfgfaiGpMS70RMoxEQnb6DM996bYADpEWAb1G1ZmhK13rR5OIvUb6bT-WPs8aDBH>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 06:07:23 -0000

> One of the important things to note about them is that they have access to 4 different ways of magic and they mostly have no gods, only mortals who have followed in their goddess's path and become immortals.

Yes, I understand that point and it is the reason why i don't know how to link this with the heroquest rules It seems that the heroquest for theists are done following myths that are stories of time before the time... So how the lunar do with their (historical) mortals that became immortals ?

> Initially depending on their phase and thus magical affiliation, they will HeroQuest much like others do.

It is what I don't understand : which myths do they use ? Does it means that the lunars can re-do some actions done by their mortals that became immortals (and so, during the historical times ? How it is possible, as the places and the encounters doesn't exist in the god plane ?)

Sorry because it is may be a noob question, but it is disturbing and could be disturbing for all players that want to play a follower of the 7 mothers now that we have "Pavis" And as we don't have yet the complete rules for the lunar magic, just information of the concepts could be useful            

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