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From: David Scott <sciencefish_at_MrP3YrFQsGsVOg4-ZK7KzW5CF2qxYD2yZEFYw_MK2UFaLpiASr7UIzD-kKn2oSUJ>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 08:51:04 +0100

On 14 Jun 2012, at 07:36, Trezaae wrote:

> Yes, very interresting and very important to keep it in mind, but as you said, very difficult to translate it in game terms

The trick in the Lunar HeroQuest rules is to realise that mechanically they follow the same rules as other types of magic. So Lunar theistic style magic follows the theism rules, lunar spirit magic follows the spirit magic rules, etc. Using that as a basis it should be easy to emulate it in any rules system for Glorantha. The rest is colour to reflect the Lunar way, gods = immortals, Lunes = spirits, the idea that phases are equivalent to one or two runes, etc.


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