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>> One of the important things to note about them is that they have access to 4 different ways of magic and they mostly have no gods, only mortals who have followed in their goddess's path and become immortals.

> Yes, I understand that point and it is the reason why i don't know how to link this with the heroquest rules
	The Lunars having no gods at all isn't strictly true. They see the Ancient Goddesses as manifestations of the goddess rather than entities in their own right, as masks of the goddess - but that doesn't mean that the heroquests based on those gods mythologies are ineffective or valueless, or unknown to the Lunars. It is a little harder for a Lunar heroquester to follow a heroquest based on the Ancient deities hero paths, without feats etc and having to use glamours instead of Affinities, but it is certainly not impossible, or unknown. Some aspects might end up a little different, but that is all part of the Lunars permanent spiritual revolution, 
	And remember that the cult description we have in Pavis, while accurate, is the description of the Seven Mothers, not the entire Lunar religion. There are many paths to the Goddess, and some of them are more closely associated with specific Ancient Goddesses than the Seven Mothers are. 
	It would be perfectly reasonable for a Yanafals Tarnils follower of the Empty Half Moon to follow a heroquest based on the rites of Natha, if they were seeking additional Death powers or powers of vengeance, and were able to learn details of Nathic heroquests from other Lunar followers, for example. 

> It seems that the heroquest for theists are done following myths that are stories of time before the time... So how the lunar do with their (historical) mortals that became immortals ?

        I think a common form of minor Lunar heroquest (typically followed by those who are still seeking full Sevening) is to follow the same path that an Immortal did on their journey to Sevening, seeking insight.

>> Initially depending on their phase and thus magical affiliation, they will HeroQuest much like others do. 

> It is what I don't understand : which myths do they use ? Does it means that the lunars can re-do some actions done by their mortals that became immortals
	Yes, Lunar heroquesting is generally by re-doing the actions of the Immortals. But remember that many of those Immortals were followers of other gods before they became Lunar Immortals, and their actions can include heroquests based on the predecessor deities mythologies. 
	But also plenty of the Lunar Immortals have performed Lunar heroquests, where they contact Lunar powers or travel to the Moon or investigate deep Lunar mysteries. Just because it is contacting Lunar powers on the Moon rather than on the god plane is no reason why the rules followed on heroquest need to be very different. 
	So an Irrippi Ontor heroquester could have some heroquests based on Buserian myths, known to the cult, though they would have to attempt those heroquests armed with glamours (generally less effective without feats) and might have to use a different means around some obstacles. Or he could emulate the actions of Iirrippi Ontor at the Battle of Four Arrows of Light, and use Glamours and Illusions to destroy powers of Darkness. Or could learn of other Lunar Powers, and seek to interact with them in the Lunar otherworld. 

> (and so, during the historical times ? How it is possible, as the places and the encounters doesn't exist in the god plane ?)

        The big trick to remember here is that the actions of the Lunar Immortals are frequently trips to the god plane (or essence plane, or spirit world). Often, though not always, those parts associated with the ancient gods followed by the Immortal. So, following the Lunar way doesn't mean interacting only with the Lunar world.



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