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From: Chris Bell <kaiu.keiichi_at_Eg8R2uM0jG4Ddd621agVeNtfPUOHxt9cg4psnz_PbKbnZrN1sK-c8p62HvQNci3>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 10:37:49 -0400

David is correct. In my Lunar Magic article, one of the big advantages Lunar characters get is that they can use their Sedenyic Philosophy skill in place of Theology, Common Magic, Grimoire or Spirit Walking/Binding skills in MRQ2. Sevened Lunars come to understand that the Red Goddess is an analogy for the wholeness of the universe, and contains all things within her. Note that this only applies to Lunar cults, sorcery schools or shamanic practices. This is why the Lunars are driven to create their own hero cults and to bring all pantheons into the Lunar Way. Further, while the Lunar Way permits a follower to join other cults, learning dissonant ('unhealed') magical practices makes it more difficult to become Sevened and increases the likelihood of Occlusion. Certain practices, such as the Storm Tribe pantheon, by their very anti-chaos natures are utterly incompatible with the Lunar Way and their cultures must be destroyed in order to preserve Lunar magical power.

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