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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 20:23:37 -0000

> It seems that the heroquest for theists are done following myths
> that are stories of time before the time... So how the lunar do
> with their (historical) mortals that became immortals ?

When a mortal goes to God Time and changes it, that mortal has made his/her mark of the God Plane. That takes the form of a brand new myth, but as it is now part of the God Plane, it has "always" been there. Other HeroQuestors can now use that myth or path as a template for their own HeroQuests, either following what the mortal did or changing it slightly to achieve different results.

So, the Red Goddess and the Seven Mothers all performed their own God Quests to become deities and hence their myths are available to their HeroQuestors. So, a Lunar follower of Yanafal Tarnils could go to Hell and be nailed to a spike as part of a heroquest, as that is something that Yanafal Tarnils did on his God Quest..

> It is what I don't understand : which myths do they use ? Does it
> means that the lunars can re-do some actions done by their mortals
> that became immortals (and so, during the historical times ? How it
> is possible, as the places and the encounters doesn't exist in the
> god plane ?)

Any magical event on the mortal plane can affect the God Plane. The Sun Stop did, Castle Blue did, the Rising of the Red Mooon did, the Curse of Kin did and so on.

> Sorry because it is may be a noob question, but it is disturbing
> and could be disturbing for all players that want to play a
> follower of the 7 mothers now that we have "Pavis"

It is disturbing - HeroQuesting is very open and any interaction with the GodPlane is open to interpretation.

> And as we don't have yet the complete rules for the lunar magic,
> just information of the concepts could be useful

Nor do we have rules for HeroQuesting, and the ones that we do have are constantly being denigrated by the new powers-that-be. So, we have to make our own ones up and try to work out for ourselves what the GodPlane and HeroQuesting is like.

In fact, it is almost as if we are on a HeroQuest to work out what HeroQuesting is about.

No wonder it is confusing.

All in my own opinion, of course, after 30 years of HeroQuesting to find the answers ...

See Ya



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