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On 14 Jun 2012, at 09:25, David Cake wrote:

> And remember that the cult description we have in Pavis, while accurate, is the description of the Seven Mothers, not the entire Lunar religion. There are many paths to the Goddess, and some of them are more closely associated with specific Ancient Goddesses than the Seven Mothers are.

Although you are correct in that it's not the entire religion, it was designed to provide the basis of how the mechanics of the religion work and is pretty much complete apart from a few (not insurmountable) points. Using the HQ2 design philosophy, keep it simple:

Sevening was not included as the previous version was very mechanistic (= no fun) and so now it should be story led.

How you progress in getting new phases. Although that can easily extrapolated as once you are Sevened, any phase you have is now a breakout of the moon rune to avoid any extra number mess on your character sheet (in keeping with HQ2). Should be story led.

The bulk of cults, practices and schools have not been detailed with a phase, that can be done by looking at the phase descriptions. Measure them up as Big (3 runes), Middling (2 runes) and Minor/Hero (1 rune).

Myths and HeroQuests are missing, but there is good info out there in the Stafford Library books, Sartar has a trip to Lunar Hell, Pavis has a fantastic Lunar heroquest, Rule republished The lives of Sedenya, and look at as well. Look at the real world for examples of mythology and how it works. Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell is still a good starting place for looking at heroquests, as are the rules in the Sartar book.

As for the cults of the Ancient Moon Goddesses, IMO they will be subcult of the Immortal cult they are connected to, in a weird Gormenghastian fashion ("whose recurring theme is the time-consuming and pointless rituals that the inhabitants submit to regularly, the origin and purpose of which is long-forgotten"). In some areas they might be independent, but that's not the norm.

 Although this may not be useful as it's HeroQuest based. It helps to understand how the system was designed to work, before trying to move it to any flavour of RQ. It might also be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, and need any entirely new way of visualising RQ magic for Glorantha, not just a new bending any of the old rules to make it work. I am however doubtful that RQ can do this given its inflexible dependence on detail.


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