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Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 21:30:06 -0000

> A Lunar follower of Yanafal Tarnils could go to Hell and be nailed to a spike as part of a heroquest, as that is something that Yanafal Tarnils did on his God Quest..
> /// Thats sounds fascinating. Did you make it up ? Can you say more, wherever the story comes from ?

See my correction - although taking Teelo Estara's place is something that I can see Yanafal Tarnils doing.

> /// No need to apologize; these are very stimulating questions !

Questions about HeroQuesting always are!

> Players should indeed find the concept of Heroquesting very
> "disturbing". Even armed with the best knowledge, and the full
> suppport of your community, you don't know what you get yourself
> in, and the consequences could be immense for you and all those
> whom you love. Make the players rightly fear heroquesting. Most
> Heroquests were undertaken as absolute last-step measures of
> desesperation !

Exactly right.

In my current campaign, the players often use HeroQuesting to achieve things. One player is quite gung ho and will do a HeroQuest without thinking things through. Another will do them if necessary. The third, a Praxian Storm Khan, is the voice of reason, the one who asks if they really want to do this and warns of dire consequences if they change things.

Players should find HeroQuesting disturbing, confusing and even scary. They should be on edge all the while and things should throw them completely. Even succeeding on a HeroQuest can have negative effects and failing can have positive effects.

That's why HeroQuesting is fun and my favourite part of Glorantha by far.

> In fact, it is almost as if we are on a HeroQuest to work out what HeroQuesting is about.
> /// I stand corrected. You are Enlightened at least 10M2. So how does it feel to have your Seventh Soul Akindled, O wise Master ?

Pah! Seventh Soul? Wrong kind of illumination, I feel. I'm more of an Arkat/Gbaji abuser of the world.

By the way, if anyone wants a ropey, moth-eaten Morokanth costume then let me know. I'll probably not wear it again unless I am playing another Morokanth.

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