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> Now to you esteemed gentlemen : I need an idea for an opponent / monster found on the wreck of a waertagi dragonship on the Edrelynn islands. It already looks like the "Nostromo", with grues in the holds and waertagi ghosts fluttering around, but I need a flyer which nests on the ship's bridge, and takes off from there to go look for food. I had fought about a chaotic wyrmspawn of the Mother of Monsters, but then why wouldn't it have eaten the whole neighboring waertagi colony already ?

Vilgars. Winged flying reptiles. They are mentioned in Argrath's Saga (as being extinct) and they were thrown at Argrath by Blue-like-a-corpse woman (whom I felt was a Blue Vadeli). So I had the notion they were scavengers that fed upon dead sea dragons and the Waertagi wiped them out as a service for themselves. There's no indication of size so they could be as large as a dream dragon if need be.


Mothra the Giant Moth. The Dragonship made a visit to Loral before being wrecked and Mothra stole aboard to hide from Godzilla who was kicking its ass. The moth is no big threat but as soon as the heroes encounter it, Godzilla pops up and since he's tracking the moth by scent, he decides the heroes are its spawn and wants to stomp them into Oblivion.

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