Re: I need a monster fix, quick (HARREKSAGA players don't open this)

From: Charles <charles_at_yAoaYgDpHYwqEtnwo9OZg6gjzrlFXJLINuZHNX0Pbzb_o0Gb3r9KJfxK4-dW9FKc3URC>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 12:56:57 -0000

How tough do you want it?

How about a flock of vampire bats? Hungry, blood drinking, flying things, easy to kill individually but you have to fight them as a swarm. Everyone gets multiple opponent penalties! Non magical but magic is not too effective against them unless the caster doesn't have any qualms about his/her magic also affecting the heroes that the bats are sucking blood from.


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