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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 20:58:36 -0000

Stevie Waha, Waharvin Gaye, Herded Through the Long Dry (Heard it hrough the grapevine), Edwin Star singing "Waha! What is he good for?". Oakfed (Smoaky Robinson and the Miracles) and the Tracks of My Chariot (about Ronance)

It is my personal soundtrack to Prax. Spreading out from Motown to soul music we can add in the Bullfather of Soulwinds, James Storm Brown Bull (it's a mans world, but it wouldn't be nothing without a herd) The Haaardest working godbeast in showbusiness. We can have Aretha Franklin of the Paps with her R.E.S.P.E.C.T ed Elders. Otis Redbull singing Try a Big Rhinoceros. Moving further afield to gospel one could listen to Morgan C Babb "I have a Waha who can".

Thanks for your Harrek, Herve. I was pitching for more out-of-Glorantha sources such as the "Orlanthi are like Vikings/Celts, Lunars are like Romans, see Asterix the Gaul" often seen by people trying to briefly describe the Dragon Pass

22	Asterix the Gaul
18	Romans vs Britons
17	British vs American revolutionaries
12	Soviets vs Afghan rebels
11	Saxons vs Cymbri
9	English vs Scots
5	Persians vs Greeks
4	Nazi Germany vs the Resistance
2	The Empire vs Rebel Alliance (Star Wars) 


> Here's one of mine :
> Aura of Terror (the worst scum of Glorantha is terrified by him and obeys him blindly)
> Kills anything 10M4 (before augmenting)
> Possessed by Polar Bear God (not the other way round)
> On a Power Trip to destroy the red empire
> Looks for godlearner WMDs
> Iron spirit/god-shredding claws
> Lustful
> Hibernates at inopportune moments
> It makes for a complicated, DANGEROUS character to have around - whether you're friend or foe...

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