Re: My Glorantha

From: hcarteau_at_OOhFPf2Cd4A78YoHbezqnmgNBSlIH-rQqr32-aXQ1lVpQNPUPBdwwzowyBqcQnj72Tt
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 23:33:50 +0200 (CEST)

Herded Through the Long Dry (Heard it hrough the grapevine)
/// Good.

Edwin Star singing "Waha! What is he good for?"
/// Doublegood.

Bullfather of Soulwinds, James Storm Brown Bull (it's a mans world, but it wouldn't be nothing without a herd)
/// Doubleplusgood.

Otis Redbull singing Try a Big Rhinoceros.
/// Don't get this one. "Try a little tenderness" ?

There's also the Great Sword Brothers chorus, "Have Sword, Will Travel" and, from the immortal impala rider singer Isaac Herds, "Shaft", which they sing before loosing a volley of arrows. How's that ?            

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