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Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 23:18:36 -0000

Replying to my own post, but ...

> When a mortal goes to God Time and changes it, that mortal has
> made his/her mark of the God Plane. That takes the form of a
> brand new myth, but as it is now part of the God Plane, it has
> "always" been there. Other HeroQuestors can now use that myth
> or path as a template for their own HeroQuests, either following
> what the mortal did or changing it slightly to achieve different
> results.

If they have "always" been there, then it follows that their HeroQuests/GodQuests could have interacted with the elder deities.

So, a cult might mention a participant in a Myth, but little else is known of that person apart from the participation in the myth. Then, after the GodQuest is performed, participants might recognise the character as the new Deity/Hero. Those that do might be able to learn new mysteries of both their existing cult and the cult of the new deity/hero.

In this way, the Red Goddess might have performed part of her GodQuest where she met earlier incarnations of herself and revealed her connection. That might mean that those cults might have a myth or story where a young girl speaks to the deity and reveals some secrets, or perhaps guides the deity in some way. Some cultists might recognise the Red Goddess as the character in the myth, others might deny it completely.

Of course, all this is probably wrong.

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