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From: Kenrae <kenrae_at_gv2oAep18SgHU86DHGdkylWKRBAisTd7celRgydmbJ-483l4VkESil9gLnICsiIOwatNJ>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 13:40:12 +0200

2012/6/24 Trotsky <>

> **
> wrote:
> >
> > Yes, I had thought about doing this using indeed communist propaganda,
> > but also nazi institutions (hitlerjungend, etc), architecture and
> > "art", but I didn't dare write it. Notice on Jeff's frieze the asexual
> > bodies, expressionless faces, etc : pure nazi/commie stuff. The
> > loskalmi, whom I liked greatly before I began walking the path of
> > enlightenement with Jeff, are becoming increasingly creepier to me and
> > might become my next favorite Bad Guys.
> >
> See, this is what I don't like about the "new" view of Loskalm. I don't
> know whether Greg and Jeff intended readers to get a Nazi/Stalinist vibe
> about Loskalm (I'd guess not, but you never know), but the fact that
> people do, whether or not they were supposed to, destroys the point of
> them to me. It's not "ruined" my Glorantha, or anything, but only
> because I'll ignore it :)

Actually, I get that vibe more about the "old" view of Loskalm than the new...

-Sergi Díaz

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