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Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 14:27:55 +0100 (BST)

Perhaps especially when one thinks of Alexander Nevsky and the Teutonic Knights, who were barely disguised Nazis in Medieval armour in the Alexander Nevsky movie? Were the Teutonic knights here seen solely in these terms? (FWIW I didn't think so).

Isn't one of the fascinating things about Glorantha that it has cultures which are complex and ambiguous enough to be campaign villains or heroes -- though the latter (and possibly also the former?) will probably be flawed and/or ambiguous, as well as heroic (or villainous). It is famously true of the Lunars -- often, but not always, an 'evil Empire' -- and some have made it true of Humakt. There is a certain amount which is unlovely about the Rokari, but I would nevertheless hesitate to say that they are evil. 

Why not have a Loskalm which faces both ways too? Especially for a society which could be forgiven for seeing its fate in the early 17th Century ST as the horrible choice between preserving its ideology and preserving its physical existence?

Final thought -- who are the heroes of the tale in which the Loskalmi are Teutonic Knights in the Alexander Nevsky mould?

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Kenrae wrote:
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> > > Yes, I had thought about doing this using indeed communist propaganda,
> > > but also nazi institutions (hitlerjungend, etc), architecture and
> > > "art", but I didn't dare write it. Notice on Jeff's frieze the asexual
> > > bodies, expressionless faces, etc : pure nazi/commie stuff. The
> > > loskalmi, whom I liked greatly before I began walking the path of
> > > enlightenement with Jeff, are becoming increasingly creepier to me and
> > > might become my next favorite Bad Guys.
> > >
> >
> > See, this is what I don't like about the "new" view of Loskalm. I don't
> > know whether Greg and Jeff intended readers to get a Nazi/Stalinist vibe
> > about Loskalm (I'd guess not, but you never know), but the fact that
> > people do, whether or not they were supposed to, destroys the point of
> > them to me. It's not "ruined" my Glorantha, or anything, but only
> > because I'll ignore it :)
> >
> Actually, I get that vibe more about the "old" view of Loskalm than the
> new...

Interesting... but a valid criticism, nonetheless.

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