Sources for Loskalm

From: Jeff <richaje_at_-YCbrSu7qMMZjucJGsQunc0QJr-Ggo8_9PqJP8lraBp_A_HwJUe59SzA1nm_uRwwYrwx>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 14:10:08 -0000

> I don't regard Loskalm as some sort of Medieval Third Reich but the invented theoretical governments of Plato, Utopia, Brave New World,the Houyhnhnms, even Mega City One, could all be part of the mix.

That's very much the impression we hope to give with the Guide. Take Plato, Zeno, Lycurgus, Essenes, Mazdakism, the Khorammites, More, and Swift, mix in some late 1960s San Francisco Bay Area, add some Moorcockian weirdness, a dash of Borges, and pour that on the essential Glorantha themes and forms that permeate Greg's writing, and that's the mix we used.


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