Re: what Loskalm feels like

From: hcarteau_at_Wce0-qnzisiPj7-wpOxwkOJ__fGIGm4RPgBOIe2YpTA1hBURGUPcBTv0BSKtp8ocSQ3
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 20:03:04 +0200 (CEST)

/// I don't see Loskalm as "medieval third reich", of course not. I see it as something subtler, far more interesting, and far more dangerous : a culture where power belongs to thinkers who are also true idealists. There is nothing more dangerous than idealists: they are ready to trample everything thats stands between reality and their damn ideals, including millions of people if necessary. They'll do it without anger or hatred, of course (at first). And their idealism will be fuel to set their corner of the world on fire.

Being rules by Wise Persons, they have developped a very efficient society : we know they raise the biggest cavalry horses of Glorantha - through magical meddlings-, their agriculture is extremely productive, their weapons and armor are made of metal not known anywhere else (if it's still cannon), their sorcery taps (sorry) straight into the Absolute. They are Bad News for anybody who stands in their way.

All of this makes loskalmi excellent Bad Guys, as in "people who want the best for you, whether you do or not". They are a subtle, intriguing threat to PCs. In fact, they feel like the local Lunar Empire. Full of contradictions, lofty ideals yet very mundane concerns... I love them. Well, I love the weird vibe they give off : distrust and concern about their otherworldy, fanatic ways.            

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