Re: idea for defending Whitewall?

From: hcarteau_at_dCRArhOgMRJ7I3Y3-4i64wvfNn1JIWxn2ee4UJYdKyqrBzRCGrcL-H9b0aKXHyn6pdd
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 13:10:35 +0200 (CEST)

Since all regular lunars are tied up by THE massive ritual coming up, the small Whitewall mess is handled by junior, second-rate officials. Some might be brillant but disgraced with such a lowly assignement (the damn place has already been pacified, anyway). Some are desesperate to get their Hour of Glory. Desesperate enough to get creative. As in, chaos creative.

One might make a deal with krarshti to tunnel inside the citadel, offering the defenders as snacks for the Waiting Mouth. Imagine krarshtids popping up all over the place, at the same time hawkshead are flying in (love the catapult idea, BTW).

Another might try to recruit the scorpionmen, make a deal with their queen, offer it plenty of peltasts and prisonners to eat, and create a giant multi-armed, multi-cultured scorpionman, using both storm and moon magics.

And yet another might try to subcontract the whole mess, using more-or-less local mercenaries to take the place back. He might ship in caladralander spearmen, complete with a volcano priest conjuring up an eruption under whitewall. Or Dragonewts, which abandon ship when the BD rises. Or Ethilrist's Hell Cavalry.

Or all of this could happen at the same time... Perphaps the different lunar officials don't even know of the other machinations ?            

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