Re: idea for defending Whitewall?

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_AQM4q7FykvcikJYq8S0moHe4taIJj7aVNMT4bnU89TgOgMIDTW9x1EPlnXaNexr3Hr>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 01:02:55 -0000

Thanks both of you for ideas!

Slave troops may become locals conscripted to build siege works, kept loyal only by threats to their families.

And the dragon newts could allow a whole different climax, where they are in a desperate losing fight, until suddenly the draconic mercenaries switch sides.....or for that matter, I could introduce dragon newts as another faction outside the walls, who nobody knows what they are there for (and conveniently, the episode before taking whitewall, the hero had been drafted by a dragon newt to stop a growing feud between elves and an informal human settlement that was threatening to disrupt dragon newt lands, and get them entangled in the affairs of others).

I see potential too with lunars turning to chaos (presage the monster empire!), and even a chance to preview Sir Ethilrist (his forces have not shown up in the game yet).

As for the vampires, well last night the lunars managed to get some sort of spirits in to possess some dead bodies in the fort (and the body of SpitHorn, whose soul is off wandering) to try and open the gates, while the hawkheads switched to dropping madness spirits to provide covering disorder (a close run thing, that one). Vampires and disease spirits might be a little too close? Then again, depending on how long I drag this out.... :)

More ideas always welcome!


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