Would this publishing option be possible?

From: Kenrae <kenrae_at_2kLf_FXMSIJlkvW8Cg2s2DtyqW5d_V_CATFiwyzXqPOPY1-2QjIcqeH0M7eIdxbBfEM2J>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 14:57:45 +0200

Some days ago someone on the Spanish Glorantha mailing list made a comment that, after thinking about it, makes sense (in my mind at least xD). He wished that HeroQuest books, specially campaigns, had RQ stats added. Of course he's a RQ player. Once RQ6 is out, wouldn't that be cool? I don't know how difficult would be to achieve this, I'm sure there are many legal problems or other technicalities I'm not aware of, but if this could be done, even as just an appendix, I'm pretty sure it would be good for sales.

This comes from someone who plays both games. Heh ;).

I suppose my only intention here is just throwing the idea out with the hope that someone takes it to heart xD.

  Sergi Díaz            

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