Re: Would this publishing option be possible?

From: Kenrae <kenrae_at_KICf88fTCZb1Md7coXFts0fc4wjl4CGBE-nsTRxd0NWGH_zDTeAEypuOEbjXpJ9-eustD>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 15:20:29 +0200

Hats off to all of you then!

2012/7/2 Lawrence Whitaker <>:
> We're way ahead of you.
> We're intending (that is, Design Mechanism and Moon Design) to release PDF
> files with appropriate RQ6 stats and notes to accompany HQ books. Books
> won't be dual statted; that would inflate page count horribly. However RQ
> players will be able to use HQ books as fully as possible with these PDF
> stat packs. And, many GMs like their stats separate from the core text
> anyway, so it makes sense to adopt this approach.
> It will take some time to put these together of course; time we don't have
> right now. But its All Part of the Plan.
> On 2 July 2012 08:57, Kenrae <> wrote:
>> **
>> Some days ago someone on the Spanish Glorantha mailing list made a
>> comment that, after thinking about it, makes sense (in my mind at
>> least xD). He wished that HeroQuest books, specially campaigns, had RQ
>> stats added. Of course he's a RQ player.
>> Once RQ6 is out, wouldn't that be cool? I don't know how difficult
>> would be to achieve this, I'm sure there are many legal problems or
>> other technicalities I'm not aware of, but if this could be done, even
>> as just an appendix, I'm pretty sure it would be good for sales.
>> This comes from someone who plays both games. Heh ;).
>> I suppose my only intention here is just throwing the idea out with
>> the hope that someone takes it to heart xD.
>> Regards,
>> Sergi Díaz

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