RQ6 partial review

From: bernuetz <bernuetz_at_dfdB4l7LpQKtUErzEOc2IPygLp5zmWaFKSTkdSpDoUG63LGQbbz6ARrNYjBMu83uhSh>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2012 20:15:11 -0000

Hi there,

Well I wasn't going to buy the new rules yet as I'm in the beginning stages of an expensive Warhammer 40K habit but all the cool kids were talking about it on Facebook and I succumbed to peer pressure:-(

I'm only up to the combat section (roughly a quarter of the way through the massive tome) but I must say that I am quite pleased by the changes in the rules. The rules are very well laid out and easy to read.

I quite like the changes made to character generation. Instead of getting specific points in a skill, say Stealth +10 for a Primitive character you get a pool of skills to put skills in. You get all the Standard Skills listed under your cultural type plus a group of Professional Skills (ones you cannot have without training like Navigation) to choose three from. You then add 100 points to any of these skills.

Next you get to do the same thing with an occupation and then finally you get 150 points you can spend as bonus points on skills you already have plus you may have the option depending on the GM to add another combat style or professional skill.

The other change that I like is the additional of levels of difficulty which seems to substitute for the old modifiers. So instead of saying it's negative 20% to hit a running target with a ranged weapon the GM can say it's Hard to hit a running target which imposes a 1/3 penalty to the shooter (i.e. 60% becomes 40%). There's also a set of fixed values for the difficulty grades if you prefer avoiding all that math.

All-in-all I'm quite impressed with rules so far and am looking forward to reading the magic section next.


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