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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 18:31:38 -0400

Hi Zack,

We launched late Tuesday and announcements actually lagged a bit behind the internet buzz - although both Moon Design and Design Mechanism websites carried the news.

There's no direct Glorantha content yet, but I don't think anyone will have any trouble adapting RQ6 for use with any of the existing Gloranthan supplements. In fact, for those who haven't taken advantage yet, we're arranging a special deal of RQ6 with a couple of the Gloranthan Classics books, and the latest Pavis, for those who want a direct Gloranthan plunge.

On 6 July 2012 17:41, bernuetz <> wrote:

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> > Hi Oliver,
> > Did I miss the big announcement? I wasn't aware the new rules had come
> out yet. Is there any Glorantha info available for them?
> > Thanks,
> > Zack.
> I mised the launch too. It seems to have been what they'd call a soft
> launch in the business world. The PDF is available for download either
> through Moon Design (the Design Mechanism's preferred method
> or from
> DrivethruRPG.
> It's Glorantha free but other reviewers have felt that the system could be
> used seamlessly in Glorantha. I haven't gotten to the magic section yet
> which would be the bit that would have the most trouble fitting Glorantha.
> Neither of the two reviewers linked to from Moon Design's website seem to
> think it would have any problems whatsoever.
> There's supposed to be PDF stat bundles for RQ6 available so people can
> use some or all of Moon Design's Glorantha books. And of course I don't
> think there'd be any problem using the Mongoose books with this ruleset.
> Oliver

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