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From: David Cake <dave_at_-c_BImsCyPGgX6dY2PN-Z3xFxfkvZ0UkRKvk55Hdw9e9FutBc6EFrSYsRLUMf8MO-WXpvbd>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2012 02:38:17 +0800

On 07/07/2012, at 5:41 AM, bernuetz wrote:

>> Hi Oliver,
>> Did I miss the big announcement? I wasn't aware the new rules had come out yet. Is there any Glorantha info available for them?
>> Thanks,
>> Zack.

> I mised the launch too. It seems to have been what they'd call a soft launch in the business world. The PDF is available for download either through Moon Design (the Design Mechanism's preferred method or from DrivethruRPG.

> It's Glorantha free but other reviewers have felt that the system could be used seamlessly in Glorantha. I haven't gotten to the magic section yet which would be the bit that would have the most trouble fitting Glorantha.

        The magic system seems pretty solidly Gloranthan, if with a few interesting changes. Most notably, Folk Magic, which corresponds to Battle Magic/Common Magic, is now significantly less powerful. ALL spells are now 1 point spells, and have been created (and powered down) significantly (eg Fireblade is now just worth an extra 1d3). This is quite a break with MRQ2, which had some potentially quite powerful Common Magic.

        The other BIG magical news is that there is a system for Mysticism. It looks potentially very powerful too. And is described (as are all magic systems) fairly mechanically, with relatively few references to the sort of metaphysical and meta-gamish restrictions that have plagued past attempts to write mysticism rules (ie it doesn't discuss the idea of failed mystics). It is written as just cool magic, that primarily enhances the abilities (including skills and attributes) of the caster. I'd be very interested to hear if the version of Mysticism in RQ6 is considered to be reasonable game representation of Gloranthan mysticism by Moon Design generally, and whether we can expect any HeroQuest version of mysticism to be similar.

> Neither of the two reviewers linked to from Moon Design's website seem to think it would have any problems whatsoever.

        There are a couple of bits in the creatures section where it seems to have gone out of its way to be irritatingly not Gloranthan. Creatures called Trolls that aren't Uz, Elves that aren't Aldryami, Ogres that aren't Gloranthan ogres. All could have been called something else just to keep the terminology clean.

        So there is presumably at least one extra book coming of purely Gloranthan RQ6. Gloranthan creatures in particular. Most of the MRQ2 stuff can be used for now with minimal adaption.

        Generally, my opinions of the game are very positive. I think the skill systems and combat are very well done. I think it will be a very interesting combat system to play, looking forward to it a lot.


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