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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 21:21:22 +0100

On 12 Jul 2012, at 16:09, bryan_thx wrote:

> Anyone have references from existing books to point me at, or their own ideas of what works well for this?

Here are the sources to look at:

• Wyrm's Footnotes 14 (April 1982, well out of print)

• RQ3 (1984, well out of print)

It lists Dragonewt spells "Dragon Armor, Dragon Strength, Firebreath, Growth, Sprout Wings, Soul-Blast."

• Elder Secrets of Glorantha (1988, well out of print) - Most of the Dragon/Dragonewt stuff is in the Guide.

• Dragonewts from Mongoose is certainly based on this previous stuff. I wouldn't normally recommend some of the MRQ Glorantha stuff, but this was written by Loz of Design Mechanism fame. It's pretty concise. The PDF is ONE DOLLAR (get the lot for $10!). So you really can't go wrong.

It contains descriptions of Dragonewt magic you can easily adapt:

"The dragonewt’s skin flushes red with heat and its eyes leak tears of hissing, bubbling blood."

"...the dragonewt’s hands swell slightly with bunched muscles, scaling at the knuckles, and the fingernails resemble the wicked black talons of a dragon."

"...the dragonewt whispers a curse upon the mortal form and weakens the bones of its enemy, watching as they break down and dissolve within the body."


• Sartar Companion, encounter 9 has good descriptions of Dragonewts.

• The Guide collects all of this together (although no stats and not the MRG book), most of what you need to know is summarised in this paragraph:

"Dragonewt behavior is extremely perplexing to outsiders. They are unpredictable and often seem irrational. To the human eye, all dragonewts of a given stage look alike even to the extent of possessing identical personalities. And yet, even the same dragonewt met twice is likely to act as two different creatures."


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