A Gloranthaphile Hits the Big Time

From: Dave <cheng_at_Ej-4F0gqBgSbL8qd8zk7kted3Iqp53rhEakHOrxkHXNm5YE-9LRvfq8Vha7Zdt0E80T65i>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 01:29:01 -0000


It seems the Gloranthan community's own Mark Galeotti has achieved a prestigious milestone in his career; he's been quoted in a recent issue of _The Economist_.

Some of you know that Dr Galeotti is an expert in Russian crime & security. You can learn all sorts of cool stuff from his blog, here: http://inmoscowsshadows.wordpress.com/

More of you Dr Galeotti from his work with The Unspoken Word, where he helped produce a whole series of Gloranthan products, and an entire RPG supplement dedicated to Mythic Russia.
Link: http://www.celtic-webs.com/theunspokenword/index.html

If you'd like to see the quote, look for last week's issue of The Economist; July 7-14, with "A giant leap for science: Finding the Higgs Boson" on the cover. Then look for the "Godkovs, bad cops" story in the Europe section.

Many congratulations to Mr G!


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