Re: Describing dragon newt magic?

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Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 15:28:44 +0100

a 1d14 list of things dragonewts might steal.

1 - your future. A day 1D1000 days in your future disappears. You don't know it yet but when you go to sleep the day before you will wake up having missed a day.
2 - your last meal. You are suddenly ravenously hungry. 3 - your left eye. It still works. Very disconcerting to see the dragonewt occasionally bring it out and polish it.

4 - your curiosity. You are no longer interested in anything.
5 - your first child. Even if it is not yet born.
6 - your worst enemy's hate. That enemy no longer has any strong
emotions towards you.
7 - whatever is in your pocket.
8 - the next thing you touch which isn't yours.
9 - your shit. Literally, it's stolen all your shit from the past,
present and future.
10 - your heart. Metaphorically. You can no longer love anyone. 11 - your sun. You can no longer see the sun. Or roll 1D7 and you can no longer sense in anyway one of (sun, wind, moon, darkness, water, a particular star, dragons)
12 - your dice. Well what happens is that any time you roll dice (or other random number generator) it always rolls the number 7. Even if there is no 7 on it.
13 - this list. No, I don't know what that means either. 14 - you. Your body still functions and acts in all ways as if it were you to the extent that no one would ever know that it is not you. But it is not you. As for you, you're still in your body but it is not you.
15 - your life. Literally and metaphorically. It kills you but not until you're lived out your natural lifespan which it lives out with you. Everywhere you go, it is there just behind your left shoulder waiting to kill you. No one else can perceive it. 16 - there's already more than 14 options so it kills you in a simple, straightforward, efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner.

On 17 July 2012 14:26, bryan_thx <> wrote:
>> Remember the Dragonnewts get to choose their goal in any given contest. Sometimes, their goals should be unusual.
>> Every so often a character should be in savage combat with dragonnewts, lose, and find that all they do is run off with his hat
> Heh, just might steal that :)
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