The Unbearable Shortness of Sor-Eel

From: Andrew Larsen <aelarsen_at_a5Hnv0OgwpLD2B3GF2wztr8e8nm78JUrOCWQSLlq-iK3qYqUytACWWSBzC_1UEf6w-t>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 22:53:24 -0500

Have Sor-Eel the Short's stats ever been published for RQ (any edition)? Just how short is he?
	This became an issue in my Pavis campaign when the PCs discovered a small amount of Royal Jelly among some plunder in the Rubble. They originally debated using it, but none of them really wanted more SIZ, so they decided to sell it to someone in New Pavis.  Then one of the NPCs casually commented that Sor-Eel might be interested in it.  That sparked competition between various groups who wanted to offer it to Sor-Eel to curry favor with him.  Then Griselda suggested making a second fake honeycomb and selling it to two groups.  After the PCs figured out how to make a fake honeycomb, she then switched the fake for the real one and made off with it, leaving the PCs to try and pass the fake.  The look on their faces when they realized she had scammed them was absolutely priceless. 
	But this was assuming that Sor-Eel is actually short enough to care about his SIZ.  I'm guessing he's maybe SIZ 8, so he's distinctly short, but not some sort of midget. 

Andrew E. Larsen            

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