Gloranthan News at Continuum?

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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 22:13:23 +0000

Just got back from the Continuum 2012 convention in Leicester UK. Was delighted to see Jeff Richard as in a way I will (hopefully) never see him again ( a good way though!) and he is utterly charming. I was able to get a quick look at the Guide to Glorantha proofs which are a thing of incredible beauty, and to see some love maps and beautiful artwork, and only later realised they were for King of Sartar 2nd edition not a new cover for the Sartar book I think. Or maybe not - Jeff was off out for lunch when I saw the art etc, so I did not dare detain him. I managed to see a wonderful RQ6 combat system explanation in passing, and ran my little freeform The Pelorian Song Contest, where the players amazed my by their vocal talent and the joy wit which they adopted Dara Happan, Tarshite, Pelandan, Carmanian, Lunar, Darjiini and Talastari guises. I will never regard Carmanians the same way again. :)

Unfortunately a few of the freeforms were under-subscribed and so I signed up for many and this morning I played in a wonderful but non-gloranthan freeform called Night Train, so missed the event I had gone to the con for, the Glorantha Q & A. I just wondered if anyone had any news from the front so to speak? It was a pleasure to meet so many people I have not seen for years from the list, and so many people I know only through email. Thank you to everyone who made it such a memorable and enjoyable weekend, and apologies to anyone who was bored by my game or my rambling self!

all the best
cj x

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