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Thanks Paul!

My review of Continuum 2012 is here, but will probably only interest those who were there or who were intrigued by the Pelorian Song Contest and how it turned out-- Continuum 2012 review on my blog here

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CJ's uneventful life is now blogged:

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> Unfortunately a few of the freeforms were under-subscribed and so I signed up for many and this morning I played in a wonderful but non-gloranthan freeform called Night Train, so missed the event I had gone to the con for, the Glorantha Q & A. I just wondered if anyone had any news from the front so to speak?

What I remember. The Guide to Glorantha - which is the book that most of the art and maps are for - is intended for release by the end of November this year. I'd guess that Jeff hopes to bring a bunch of copies along to Dragonmeet. It's intended to give adequate information to play in any part of Glorantha, and could be considered an expanded and rewritten version of the old Avalon Hill boxed set, plus Missing Lands, plus Elder Races. The West gets a major rewrite, and loses the knights and the pseudo-Christian elements, bringing the whole world into more of a bronze age/early iron age setting.

The Glorantha Bestiary and the annotated and expanded King of Sartar are next (Jeff had Greg's personal copy of the Chaosium edition and the annotations come from there). The Bestiary is mainly a descriptive work, framed as the creation of a Second Age Herodotus-like God Learner sage, but with annotations from two more modern writers. None of them are necessarily correct!

The Coming Storm and Harmastsaga (Greg's story of Lokomayadon and Harmast) are on the way as well as Loz's Harreksaga (adventuring with the White Bear).

The session continued into the maps panel which was all about the new Glorantha maps. Western and Central Genertela are taken directly from Greg's (ageing, brittle) master maps and the numerous overlays he created to go with them. The East and Pamaltela are less well detailed but work continues on them. There will be a maps pack to be released with Glorantha Guide. The maps are huge and with a high level of detail (e.g. population figures for all the settlements, heights of the mountains). It's intended to be able to import the maps into a package to create 3D views of the terrain. There's also talk of an iPad app. Not sure exactly what that will do, but a Glroantha version of the Maps app - especially if it does the 3D views - could be pretty amazing.                                                                       

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