Re: Mechanics of heortling blended/hybrid/joint magic?

From: Charles <charles_at_-cKGvq9w9L-k_ax5JIDvwSTWx1wGZpmEBvB8fX_jfc3jSGKbIWuxttrYXkwABI2OfcwI>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 09:35:58 -0000

Wyrms Footnotes 15 has a section describing the structure of the Eaglebrown Warlocks.

In rules terms, I'd suggest that you go with a simple mechanic, such as +1 per supporting magician, otherwise the calculations get very complex. At the Eaglebrown's full complement of magicians, this would be an augment of +16W. And I would let the Wyter provide this bonus to any member but would require some ritual setup time except for the "Chief Priest" and the Wyter itself.

Maybe, with a lot of setup time for 1 pre-specified casting, it could get to +2 per magician, which would be a bonus of 12W3

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