Re: Mechanics of heortling blended/hybrid/joint magic?

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> The situation with the Eaglebrowns could just be done as augments--the novelty purely being theists and animists working together. What Argrath does almost sounds like temporary hero bands. So I could handle this with existing rules.

I agree with Charles, what ever you do keep it simple. Also, bear in mind that this is a narrative not a skirmish or war game.

This what I would do:

The basics are one type of magic augmenting another. Individuals can do this, but these are units so the exact details are not important only that it works/can be done. Ignore the Hero band rules, as far as I can see they aren't in HQ2/Sartar.

Roll everything (morale, magic power, size, offensive/defensive capabilities, type of magic) into one. This gives Eagle Brown Warlocks 17 (or what ever value you decide). Give them two runes for show or advantage against other units.

Talk with players to decide two narrowly defined combined styles of magic. Give them each a rune as mentioned before for show or advantage against other units. So:

Eagle Brown Warlocks (Beast, Change) 17

(Death) Eagle Spirits of Sweeping Death +1
(Earth) Shield of the Brown Earth +1

For combat either play it as a simple or extended contest, your pick for dramatic effect (I do battles with my players as extended contests, where they describe their tactics). So verses The Crater Makers (Moon), difficulty set by the pass/fail cycle or normal difficulty. In the framing, get the players description out for the Eagle Brown Warlocks - A rushing maelstrom of deadly eagle spirits armed with magical iron talons washes over the Crater makers hoping to disable them all so we can get a magic moon rock. Narrator - The Crater makers reply with a smashing hail of monstrous boulders aiming to rout the Eagle Brown Warlocks so the regular army can advance.

Or in a defending situation, The Eagle Brown Warlocks raise a protective wall of Earth against attack, allowing the escape of the villagers. The Crater makers send Moon chunks to obliterate the unit and the village. I'd give the Eagle Brown Warlocks a +6 bonus as it's the Earth defending against Moon rocks - The Earth is where the Moon can from (and left the Crater), etc.

Other ideas: Start a unit with a base value of 17, increase their value +1 per year and +1 per battle won and give them a new ability every year.

So in 1624 The Eleven Lights could look like this:

The Eleven Lights 17 (sky, storm)

(sky) Ghost Star Captains assault +1
(Storm) Sky Storm +1

By 1628 :

The Eleven Lights 3W (sky, storm)

(sky) Ghost Star Captains assault +5
(Storm) Sky Storm +5
(sky) Blinding Light of the Stars +4
(man) Become Storm Captain +3
(death) Reaching arm of Star Orlanth +2
(moon) Grasp the Moon +1

If you find yourself find starting to skirmish or wargame, then wait to see what Moon Design does with the Dragon Pass game.


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