Re: Mechanics of heortling blended/hybrid/joint magic?

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_CqAMYp5oGZ5AUxS1PVPjlAglbydutYl8Qx9ag3x6gX1FsXfEjdmVJ8B4TKvmNYu4zC>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 21:36:14 -0000

Awesome! Thanks for that timely tip--and I see the electronic version is super affordable, too :) I'll be picking that up for certain then.

Thanks also to the various rules suggestions. What I've really taken away from those is that I need to decide how I want this to play in terms of game interaction.

- Is it about assembling group support ahead of time (do more planning to get big power effects--because you have support, your usual magic has + a mastery)?  
- Is it about working out teams that have specific combinations of magic that they can make the most of (essentially giving the 'squad' magic that the individuals don't have, so looking at having the right 'squad' for the situation--you need to take out the sentry who is high on a moon boat?  So you the thunder-slinger and the animist whose wind spirits can carry the thunderstones extra far.  Need to deal with the giant scorpion man with the near impenetrable stone skin?  Then you want the animist with the forest-fire spirit and the storm magician who can drive the flames around the enemy but keep them from spreading.  But the extra abilities are permanent, known, things) 
- Is it about creative, on-the-fly, combining of magics (emphasizing creativity and a more loose definition of what magic can do, the way you'd see more in a TV show or comic book.  "How do we reach that sentry?  Well, the Yinkini has jumping magic, and I have wind magic, and Javorn is really strong, what if he throws the yinkini as he jumps and I boost with my wind magic, and we call upon our link to coordinate the magic?"  But these are all on-the-fly, and probably have some 'originality' bonus)?
- etc

I should have realized earlier that this was step one, but I guess I was being lazy and seeing how others had done it. Better to go back to how MGWV, then figure out rules to fit.            

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