Re: Telmori devotion to the house of Sartar

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Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 09:55:18 +0200 (CEST)

De: "Tim" <>

Prior to the WF15 revelations, the conventional view was that Sartar had sworn to use his Larnsting powers of change to free the Telmori from Talor's Curse, and the Telmori continue to serve his heirs in the hope that they will make good on his promise.
/// Good point. I'm sure he did, and the marriage to Onesilin was either a Matter of Love or part of the deal. This still applies. Someday, someone from the House of Sartar will free the Telmori from their wildday curse. It will happen because Sartar swore it. Then we'll all be happy together, with nice wolf-people neighbor who don't go mad with bloodlust one day in seven. Well, that's the plan. A plan our PC group is working on after the intial Orlmarth campaign and our descent into Hell. Where we learned interesting things.

What I never understood is why the Lunars did not turn the Telmori to their side - The Lunars preach a gospel of acceptance and cyclical change - It ought to be a great match...
/// Another good point. I think they didn't care about a few mangy werewolves until the telmori devoured a whole allied tribe. Then it was too late to make nice with them. And now they have the territory under control by Wulf's men, whose strenght depend on killing wolves.

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