Re: Rule One Issue 13 now available

From: Roderick Robertson <rjremr_at_Gyy_dUrfWWv77Z_2F-kDUKrWr5v4ROQ824ayx1_4JE_cttnQbV3ZD6XzRQhDBmm9qYzKP>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2012 08:14:49 -0700

>>Looks good, but the downloads seem to be "indd" files instead of "PDF"
>>files? If you have PDFs that would be more convenient for me since I'm
>>unfamiliar with the ".indd" format.

Bother. PDF Uploads are going up as I type (so should be up by the time you get this message). Indd are the files for Indesign (the layout program). The files live right next to each other in the directory, and for some reason I picked the wrong ones (I think it's because the icon for indd files is more eye-catching than that for PDF...)

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