Rune Fonts

From: RolandV <rmv1_at_iuKP2Tir56dY-39fLYAar2jTrU3o5jbRfUK84XdniyxSOi0RjIWaWG7j7TKbV3P6eru43YF>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2012 20:49:11 -0000

So, I have the older fonts that were made available at various times for free:

So, I'm gearing up to potentially run a campaign, and realized that we have few Lunar runes in any of these; just the basics, like the moon phases. Is there a Lunar Runes font out there? Or anything else I'm missing?

Also, I needed to replace my Dara Happan sacred signs font after a hard drive crash, and found the one zip file for it seems to be corrupt. Anybody know where I might find it? I'd be much obliged for the help!


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