Re: How many Sartarites are cult initiates?

From: Stephen Tempest <glorantha_at_nrvnwQsOmUf8tJN-1CfoUREXOJpO6UhijJwgutNd9uPbealnC1wYYFBC8mQkteIxOn>
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2012 09:27:18 +0100

roko_joko <> writes:

>the concept of cult initiates seems to be that they're a minority, not everybody.

It's different in different cultures. More hierarchic societies like Dara Happa only have a minority of initiates, who handle magic needs for the majority; while in less densely populated Dragon Pass most adults are expected to be self-reliant.

>If a majority of adults are cult initiates, why are a minority of them not? (One answer could be that most cottars and stickpickers are lay members, and vice versa. That would imply some interesting things about Sartarite society.)

Good question. I would assume some people simply aren't called to a particular god, or are drawn to more than one. Some might have no fixed job, so find it impossible to devote 30% of their time to a specific god, since they'd need to initiate to a different one each week!

Also, I seem to recall it once being said that slaves and thralls are not allowed to be initiates, although cottars are.

>If almost all adults are cult initiates:
>* What do they do with the 20% of their time taken up by cult activities and rituals, beyond holy and sacred days? (One answer could be that they spend a few hours a day doing cult magic as part of their job, but more individually than communally.)

If you're a worshipper of Barntar, then "ploughing a field" is a cult activity. If you worship Elmal, then "standing guard over the stead" is a cult activity. If you worship Ernalda Allmother, then "looking after your children" is a cult activity... no magic use required.


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