Re: How many Sartarites are cult initiates?

From: Nick Eden <nick_at_tFM1tNcPUlBXTbDkwkC8URYEe7jldEwaB7U3OapjaJhgxCz9lDJnZGnmvkxSrmh-47pABR6>
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 10:52:30 +0100

On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 9:27 AM, Stephen Tempest <> wrote:
> roko_joko <> writes:
>>If a majority of adults are cult initiates, why are a minority of them not? (One answer could be that most cottars and stickpickers are lay members, and vice versa. That would imply some interesting things about Sartarite society.)
> Good question. I would assume some people simply aren't called to a
> particular god, or are drawn to more than one. Some might have no
> fixed job, so find it impossible to devote 30% of their time to a
> specific god, since they'd need to initiate to a different one each
> week!

Not entirely sure that works. In a culture like Sartar being initiated to Orlanth (or Ernalda) is pretty much a passage into adulthood. The jobbing worker would still be expected to initiate to the core god, even if he's then ourperformed by the specialists.

My suspicion is that there's a major difference between rural and urban Sartar. In the country, in the boosom of your family, then the O/E rituals will be a major part of your life just because it would be weird to stay at home while the whole village goes to the shrine. Probably a sign that you're a godless Meldek and should be run out of town.

In the cities, were kinship ties are loser? Far more chance of being a bit weird.            

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