Re: How many Sartarites are cult initiates?

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> If a majority of adults are cult initiates, why are a minority of them not?

Some people just aren't called to any specific god. They might be lazy, distracted, or not care for the responsibility. On the other hand, they could be so concerned with all the various gods that they just never find time to delve too deeply into the mysteries of any one.

You might think of it in terms of modern sports:

"20% of Americans are initiates in the cult of Baseball" - they spend 20% or more of their time doing baseball related things like going to games, shopping for team jerseys and hats, and studying player stats.

"All americans are lay members of the cult of baseball" - Even non-fans like me know the basic rules, and have played or watched a game here or there, and can name several professional teams, and some of the more famous players.

A non lay-member would be someone who knows nothing at all about the sport ("you mean rounders, right?" "american cricket?")

Back in Glorantha...

While most Sartarites become initiates, there will always be people who struggle against the calling the do receive ("I am NOT a Trickster!!!", or A cowardly man called by Urox, or a young woman attempting to deny the part of herself destined to become an axe maiden) They may well become initiates eventually, but could spend many years, or their entire life struggling to avoid it (or unsuccessfully trying to initiate into the "wrong" cult)

Some people may just lack the magical aptitude to become initiates altogether, or they could be at odds with important persons within their local cult, who deny them access to the deeper mysteries even though they would otherwise qualify.

People who are naturally drawn to Spirit or Ancestor worship are also less likely to be 'initiates' - simply because access to spirit societies is not as common amongst orlanthi as in certain other cultures. Even unusual divine cultists might not initiate simply because there is not enough of a cult near enough to them for them to do so.

There will also be people who were once initiates, but have offended their cult or god, and become apostate.

There are lots and lots of reasons why someone might not qualify as an initiate even in a culture where "Everyone does it"

> How does all of this relate to the idea of the Orlanthi 85%?

I believe you are referring to "orlanthi all" - as in "All Orlanthi are Human" or "All women worship Ernalda" (or "all americans like baseball") The "85%" is just rule of thumb, Indicating the rough threshold where most Gloranthan Orlanthi would make a transition from saying "most" to "all."

"All" Sartarites would consider the preceeding statements about their culture and Ernalda to be true, despite the fact that they know perfectly well that there are no shortage of Ducks and Wind Children and even an occasional troll who could qualify as "Orlanthi". There exist women who worship all sorts of gods and goddesses who are not Ernalda. the "85%" is meant as a qualifier to the term "All" not a rigid mathematical truth.            

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