Re: How many Sartarites are cult initiates?

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at__GHgqd7_JdQzGffTpsJaRersXXQ7Hty9JFzP_NuqqWOEVVQ4OxY3v1ZY7fGI5uD916>
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2012 21:12:48 -0000

IIRC correctly, Thunder Rebels also makes it clear that there is some cost to being an initiate, and that the poorest members of heortling society (stickpickers, etc) can't afford to initiate to a god. There will also be those not permitted to worship (outsiders who are resident with a clan, but not of the people, thralls, and no doubt a few even odder cases). And most oddly, to heortling eyes anyway, those who choose not to initiate to a god. I suspect they might get viewed a bit like we view people who are perpetual students..."why don't you grow up and become a proper adult and member of the community!"

I suspect that the Heortling village economy is entirely based on a 'typical' distribution of initiates, and the required time that people put into those cults forms much of the underpinning to how society functions, so those who are not initiates may be seen as being, to some degree, parasites, not making a full contribution. (just IMO)

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