Re: Ompalam

From: Phil Hibbs <snarks_at_Uopyj5wdoCL7oxDOn3tGlx8dbhwg3rzBvAfwe2yqQbQ0Ti6tx-AX-u8qlvFVYZQGLazmf>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 21:53:12 +0100

>So, what's the current take on Ompalam? Does he have no
>connection with Chaos at all now? Or is it all some kind of trick on his

Good question. I can't answer it, but it is a common theme that a cult forms around an activity that runs the risk of chaos, but gives that activity a framework in which to exist that protects society from the chaotic consequences. The cannibal cult is one example. Urox may be another. Some may even justify Malia worship on this basis. "The answer" may depend on whether the Ompalam cultists are your enemy.


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