Re: How fast does news travel?

From: Tim <tim_at_3eoUfvbLhkPTvARuho2oEiWP6GcfdzTTO2Xg9qDIMJbCQgH1A7gfBzmmcDfdsDbMwr3CCghB>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 16:15:44 -0000

News can potentially travel very fast, carried on the wind by Umbroli, or passed on between travellers to the Hero Plane who may be physically separate on the mortal plane, but together in (eg) Orlanth's Hall. News that involves Powerful individuals or groups is more likely to be passed on this way (eg Queen Betti re-takes the Colymar throne, and in Orlanth's hall she is seen joining Orlanth at the top table).

On a more mundane level, Issaries cultists are a prime source of news, at least IMG. Traders travelling from Clan to Clan and/or Tribe to Tribe will carry news, gossip and trivia. Some will be dispensed freely, to entice those who might otherwise stay away to to come to the trader, where they can be enticed to buy other goods. Some is "traded" for local stories (especially in the Inn, around the campfire, or at dinner in the longhouse), and some is more directly bought and sold - An eye-witness account of a major event may be of value, or a putative hero might pay a merchant to spread news of his deeds amongst his neighbours to increase his fame            

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