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Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 11:16:08 +1200

On 8/19/2012 3:52 AM, Tim wrote:
> Interesting point. Cults of Terror, IIRC said that Malia was "Chaotic where worshipped by Broo" or words to that effect - possibly to indicate that propriety worship of Malia did not immediately turn one into a target for the local Uroxi...
I don't think Malia is a chaotic goddess. She should have active worshippers, bitter old women cursing their neighbors with diseases in revenge for perceived slights. Making such worshippers chaotic makes it too easy for them to detect by the Uroxi and also absolve their killers of any qualms they may have had in executing them. Also I've never known Uroxi being used to search out for her worshippers. In Hahlgrim's Saga, Hahlgrim uses Torvald the Healer to find her signs rather than the Uroxi.

How the Broos use Chaos in worshipping Malia is an interesting question but I strongly doubt that it is anything like Malia being a nonchaotic deity when worshipped by others which somehow becomes chaotic when worshipped by Broos.

> I would have said that Ompalam is not himself chaotic, but that he is often worshipped by Chaotic societies where his magic is used to strengthen the hold the masters have over their unfortunate charges. In such areas he can be seen as a "chaos god"

I dunno what you mean by chaos societies? I don't see any traces of him in Dorastor or the Wastelands. He is worshipped in Fonrit, neighbouring regions and presumably some parts of the Veldt but chaos is thin on the ground there.

> Ikadz is probably in a similar situation, The prospaedia says he "receives the souls of misdoers and cleanses them before they can join the other dead" - which does not seem to imply the annihilation we might associate with Chaos. However if his worshippers are torturing for fun then the taint of chaos may start to appear (this can lead to all sorts of questions as to when the Torture is a "religious necessity" and when it is "just for kicks", but if we wanted easy answers we could stick to the D&D Alignment system).

I really don't get this. I don't see how a specific action performed with one aim in mind (ie purification) somehow becomes completely chaotic when performed with a totally different aim in mind (ie for shit and giggles). Chaos is a mindless amorphous protoplasm outside glorantha - that it should enter glorantha dependent on the mental state suggests that it inherently obeys modern legal concepts regarding the division between the guilty mind and the guilty act.

> I find it hard, however to not associate Gbaji with Chaos - I thought everyone agreed that Gbaji was an evil, chaotic god even if they couldn't agree who he was (Nysalor, Arkat, Someone else?)

If he was chaotic, then the Uroxi would sense him, no?

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